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  4 Paw Sakeaccepts all breeds of dogs   from tiny to humongous

and treats them like their own until they find a permanent home!

Our Purpose


 We guarantee a safe and friendly environment for each individual dog that becomes a 4 Paw Sake member! We come to the 'rescue' for dogs in need! 

Our Guarantee

​​​​4 Paw Sake Rescue

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Who do we accept?

      Each member of our team has a natural  love for all dogs! We understand that several  dogs need help finding a permanent home.  That is why we started 4 Paw Sake Rescue!   Our goal is to ensure that as many homeless  dogs as possible are cared for properly while  at our facility,  including 2-4 walks/plays per  dog per day, until they find a family where  they are loved and appreciated!