How it all started!

​​​​4 Paw Sake Rescue

Surrender Cases 


Along with rescuing stray dogs that we have found or dogs that have been brought to us, 4 Paw Sake also takes in certain surrender cases. We understand that in some situations such as: insufficient funds to care for the dog, lack of proper nurturing environment, relocation, aggressiveness towards other dogs or humans, whatever it maybe. We want to make sure that the family exhausts all possible options to make the situation work for their dog. Please give 4 Paw Sake a call to discuss your situation, we would like to give you advice and information that may help in keeping or surrendering your dog.

 ​    On September 5th, 2014 Paw Palace officially opened their doors. Word quickly spread throughout the local and neighboring communities about the services we provided for dogs and their owners. The amenities that helped bring Paw Palace to life were: boarding, daycare, training, and grooming!  One day a stray dog in need of a home was brought to us. We had not worked or handled stray dogs in our facility before but could not turn our back to a dog in need. We were able to retrieve information from the dog's microchip. The chip revealed that the dog "Cisco" was from Harvey, IL. We called the listed number and unfortunately the residence claimed to not own a dog named Cisco. After hearing this news we decided we were going to find a home for Cisco. We displayed Cisco’s picture at our front desk in hopes of someone being interested in adopting him. Cisco was our first success story, which in turn lead to the founding of 4 Paw Sake Rescue!